Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween costumes

This year pumpkins.

Last year pumpkins

This Halloween costumes jaidens donkey brightons puss in boots Brandon's shrek and I'm Fiona Brandon and I are Dracula and Dracula's bride and Jaiden is our bat!

This was last years Halloween Jaiden and I are bees and Brandon is our bee keeper.

We love Halloween not only cause it's Brandon's birthday but we love to dress up. Were excited for next year.
Tell next time.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Pictures of the kids

Jaiden giving Brighton kiss when he was born, they love playing together.

This so far is on of my favorite pictures of Brighton.

This is my Mom, sister Dusti and of course Jaiden and Brighton. My kids love there grandmas and paps.

Well to catch you up on our family, we have two beautiful kids, Jaiden and Brighton, two and 7 months. We just moved into our second home about a month ago. Witch we love it so great. Brandon has a great job working at A.P.S. Which I'm Abel to stay at home with my kids and play. Jaiden is so fun right now she loves to dance and sing she definitely has Brandon's personalty, were Brighton is the laid back I'm cool with whatever mom attitude He's aways smiling and laughing at Jaiden. He definitely my snuggle bug. Jaiden Love to go go go. I'm trying to talk Brandon into letting me put her in dance or gymnastic? ( i just need to find a place first.)Brighton is scooting around he gets up on his knees but he thinks he's faster scooting. There a blast to watch as they explore and try new things out.

Friday, October 5, 2007

This is us!

Well i guess I'll start from the beginning of how Brandon and I meet. Well it started with none other then a blind date.... yikes i hated blind dates but i just couldn't say no to the wonderful person who set us up. Wondering how bad i hated blind dates i screened his call, but what got me is he left me a message to call him back and i found his voice very very sexy. So i called him back witch is a big step for me being the shy person i am. Well we set the date for Saturday, and the whole time talking to my sister- in-law, i just new my luck would be some very short guy with big buck teeth and bright red hair come and pick me up for our date. Saturday came and an hour late for the date (longer story) he showed up, somehow Jodi talked me into letting her get the door so she could meet him too. LOl So in walks this guy short red hair?! of course i was thinking i knew it i knew it. That's when in walked this amazing six foot six feet tall dark handsome guy, with beautiful blue eyes! My heart just stopped (oh wee). Turned out the other guy was a friend of his that he hadn't seen in a very long time, who we were going to double with as well as Brandon's cousin, but she lost her cell phone and never made it to the date. So the double date turned out to be two guys and one girl. :) But i didn't care i was going out with a very cute guy. well we started the night of by going to sonic Brandon's favorite place in the world. Then we went to the orange groves, and climbed the wind mills(? i guess you would call them that?) After that we went back to his house to watch Shrek. this part of is funny when Brandon was make everyone pop corn and getting drinks, i sat down on the couch leaving room for Brandon to sit by me. well his buddy decide to set by me instead so poor Brandon had to set I'll by him self on the love set. To make the long storey short. Three weeks later we were engaged and three months later we were married in the Snowflake temple. Fallowing three months we were pregnant with our first! Now we have our second. I know it's a novel So I'll end there for now, but i haven't even started on our honeymoon. Witch well be a novel too.