Monday, April 21, 2008


So it's been awhile i know, I;m really bad at this blog thing. So i was just going to up date everyone. First My baby is no longer a baby :..( That's right Brighton turn one back on the sixth of march. And if that wasn't enough, he got his first tooth and started to walk a week before his birthday. Oh why do they have to grow up soo fast. :( I wish i could keep them small and cute for ever. but sadly they've got to grow up. boo-hoo... Well the other thing is my daughter Jaiden is going to be turning three, oh my gosh i just can't believe it. It really just flies by, again i wish i could keep them small. I'll admit that the terrible two where hard but i can kind of see the light at the end of the tunnel, yes she'll have her moments but then later she realizes that what she did was a no no, and she came back to me and tell me, "mom I'm sooo sorry for getting out of bed and making soup. " ( this was at ten at night, two hours after we had put her to bed, and ever night check on the kids before bed, when i walked down stairs and find Jaiden, in the bath room with toilet paper and corn starch as well these fish that color the bath water, all in my toilet. Yes i was very shocked to find her up let alone in the bathroom.) well like i said the next morning she told me that she was sorry for trying to make soup. And how after that heart filled apology could i be mad at her. It totally malted my heart. her news thing is that she'll come up to you and say she has a secrete, then she whispers oh so quite in your ear " I love with all my heart. or i love millions, and my fav i love you so much."

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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