Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jaiden's Big Boo Boo!

Crashed and Burned!

Oh my gosh this was like the scariest thing ever. It happen on thanksgiving, we ( i mean my whole family) were at my parents new place in queen creek. Just finished cleaning up and i was out side with Brandon, and Dusti (my sister for those who don't know her) :) took Jaiden and Ryker my nephew on ride on a four wheeler a little 90. When all of a sudden i heard this faint cry, at first i thought it was a laugh. well i walk to the road to make sure, when i see Ryker and Dusti holding Jaiden walking back to the house and heard her crying and saying mommy mommy, (break your heart cry). well when i reached them Jaiden was all scraped up, and somewhat bloody, mainly road rash. Well i guess what happen was Dusti was letting Ryker drive, but they weren't going that fast maybe five miles or so, when Ryker turned really really sharp and all three fell off. Well Ryker got a little goose egg on his head and Dusti got a huge bruise on her hip and her elbow my mom had to dig out some gravel, but i believe Jaiden got the worst of it.My poor sister felt really bad ya I'll a mitt that i want to yell at her, but it was just an accident. Well that pretty much the story. but we took these pictures the day after and her eye was swollen shut. Now she all better a little pink and missing half her eye brow, but i pretty sure that will grow back. Thank goodness for vitamin E!


Cari & Ryan said...

That breaks my heart. Poor little girl! At least she just scraped up her face though right? I hope she's feeling better :)

The Coor's said...

Hey TJ, its Rayna Coor. I don't think I have seen you since we moved out of the neighborhood. I can't beleive how big Jaida is getting. Your kids are so cute(even Jaida with her road rash). I hope that you don't mind that I added you to my friends and family. I hope everything is going good for you guys!