Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just thought you who like to know. :)

OK i know it's been awhile since i wrote anything, way to much to do with two kids, one who loves to get into things and see how much of a big mess she can make for mom. Lol (she is so defiantly my child) Which leaves me the only time to set down and type is when there sleeping, and that's even hard, because there nap time i try and get chores done that i can't do why there a wake, ( which did i mention that she gets into everything) and then when there in bed for the night, it's Brandon and me time, and I just love those times! So need less to say the only time i get. Is if have to get up for something like one, the kids woke up in the middle of the night. Two, waking up to make Brandon's lunch and get him off to work. Then I'm up for a few hours, and can't go back to sleep, (guess my body just gets read to go for the day and won't shut down?) Anyhow it's like four in the morning so i thought i would put somethings down. hopefully it's make me tired. :) Plus I'm a terrible speller so i leave it save for a couple day and re read and then post so to check spelling and to make sure it makes since. (cause come on who in there right mind can spell and write at four in the morning?!) ;) well with that said moving on to better thing like my family!


Cari & Ryan said...

Hey good luck with school! I know it'll be intense, but it'll be worth it in the end!