Friday, February 1, 2008

birthday count down

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Teresa :) said...

Hey T.J. this is Teresa(Gibson) How are you? I havn't seen ya in forever but I thought I would say hello. I saw your blog on Kari's.
Looks like you are doing good. See ya later. :)

thejohnsonbunch said...

HEY! This is Courtney Prince, Becky ran into my blog and then I found yours and I'm sooo glad that I did! It's been sooo long since I've seen you, you look so great! You are one busy girl with those two little ones, it looks like a blast. My little girl is due to be born a week from today! I'm so anxious for her to get here, plus my ribs can't handle it any longer =). She will be our second. We had a little boy July 2006 but we lost him 9 days later. There is sooo much to catch up on! What do you do other than be a mom?! Fill me in