Sunday, March 16, 2008


I've been Tagged
7 random/weird things about me

1. I Wanted to start a my own fashion line. I love to wear and experiment with clothes, i would love to learn to sew and make really cool clothes.

2. I would have loved to been a doctor but i just never wanted to put in the eight year of school.
i love the adrenalin rush and to know how to save someones life. As well i thought being a teacher would have been cool.

3. I love to learn, new, old any thing i just love to learn stuff, my favorite subject in high school where history, math and science.

4. I'm also a dreamer, i love the make believe, happy ever after, love sap stories.

5.I love the ocean and the rain, so i someday probably never but i would have loved to live in Washington state, or some other place by the ocean.

6. I've always wanted to travel, i wanted to go on a mission somewhere out state and then go back packing somewhere like Scott land Paris England Spain and even Africa. I wanted to live in new york city and California as well.

7. I love to do crafts and draw, I love to try and do different things and decorate my house with the things I've made or done. I've got so many projects started that i need to finish, from Brighton" to Jaiden's, to Brandon and Mine, down stairs and up stairs? You name it. but I'll get them done someday? (maybe) ;)

As well I'm thinking I'm going to Tag, Cari, Becky, Jenn, Meg, Ashley, Kari, and Courtney. Good luck Ladies :)


Cari & Ryan said...

You've got to get some pic. of Brighton's birthday on here!

Jenn and Tyler said...

TAWN! I miss you lady. We need to hang out soon. Sorry about missin out on this weekend with you and Care. I totally would have been all over it if it wasn't for the blessing this weekend and all my family comin into town. Anyway just wanted to drop by and say hi! and I miss ya! Love ya!