Thursday, May 22, 2008


Yea we finally got something so i can start putting pictures on our blog, Sorry they go way back to Easter. Hope you enjoy. We had so much fun over Easter Jaiden Loved the egg coloring part cause she was able to make a mess and not get in trouble...

Jaiden had fun finding eggs the next morning,

Jaiden got a princess dress from the Easter bunny with all the goodies from the crown to the necklaces, earrings and ring and you can't forget the magic wand and slippers! For the next to days that's all see wanted to where and not only during the day but to sleep too.

The Saturday before Easter we went out to queen creek to spend Easter with my family, and we had a picnic at the park and we hide eggs and candy, Jaiden and Brighton had a blast, Brighton especially loved the colorful eggs. :)


Michael family said...

Hey there girl, i found u guys.. ur kids are getting so big.. we need to hang out ttyl