Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, I've loved it since i was little, Now I've got two reason to love it One it's Brandon's Birthday and two I get to experience the fun of dressing up with my family. I'm so glad Brandon has been game for dressing up with me and the Kids. Witch every year we come up with a theme Like or First year we did the Vampire Family, (Brandon being Dracula, me as his wife and Jaiden as or little bat.) Then the following was the Bee's ( for those Brandon was a Bee keeper and Jiden and I wear his bee's as well i was pregnant with Brighton. ) Then Last year Brandon and I picked or brains and thought of the being the Shrek characters from shrek to Fiona and donkey to puss and boots. It's been really fun,This year how ever I'm not sure if where going to do a theme? We've thought of one, but all ready Jaiden is asking to be a princess so we'll have to see. I also want to share some of my favorite pictures from over the year.

Every year we get together with some friends and carve pumpkins and make Carmel apples witch we always have fun.


The Archuleta's said...

We love Halloween too! Miles's family has a huge party every year so we have to dress up. I like your shrek family the best. Too Cute!

Ricky and Kari said...

Those are all so cute. I have a great idea for you....I read this out of a magazine. You can be Angelina Jolie and Brandon can be Brad Pitt. You wear a long dress and go buy cheap baby dolls at the dollar store and pin them to your dress. I think that they have 6 kids now and I am sure she is probably pregnant again! I thought that was a great idea.