Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lock and Key

There's like two major things that I keep under lock and key at our house so Jaiden can't get them. Witch are one scissors and two gum, Two things that as all know are the hairs dreaded ex. Well this Sunday While we were at Brandon's parents house for dinner. Jaiden found a pair a scissors in Lois's room, I mean she was up stairs in her bathroom, going throw draws, (witch Jaiden knows that she's not aloud to be up stairs let alone in Grandma's Lois's room.) Well to make a long story short, Brandon and I started to find her when she walks out on the landing to the stairs with her hands behind her back. (Big sign she's doing or is doing something she not allowed.)Well Brandon got to her first and showed us what was behind her back, witch where scissors. My heart just stopped, I was like oh no! Well Brandon walked her in to the bathroom and came out with a handful of hair. Witch Jaiden replied I was just combing my hair, mom. Well needless to say it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. She just cut a session of her hair to her shoulders, Witch still was a good seven inch's. So Half of her hair was long and the other chin to shoulder length. Well today we went to the hair salon and got it evened out. So her is the new Jaiden.


Copple's said...

Her hair is still longer then my girls will ever get. And still way cute. I think it is funny how she runs and hides or turns away when I asked to see her new hair cut. She didn't seem too proud of it tonight. And I will be excited to see what you all do for Halloween this year.